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Orientation and investment attraction field

16/07/2016 10:07:45 PM
To invite bidders in the whole country to participate in investment in Dong Trieu, in past time, with attention of province, active participation of Departments, industries and self-initiative of locality, projects of invitation for bid have been diffused widely in mass communication.

At the opening, there have been strategic investors who participate in main projects of locality, such as: Vingroup researches, invests an Industry zone applied high-tech in Hong Tai Tay commune and Hoang Que commune (it is being invested in area of 40ha, continuous to clear ground and implement a project with next 40ha, next it researches and widens plan to above 200ha, ensures standards of national high-tech agricultural area), Vinacomin trading service joint stock company researches, implements an investment project of cable hanger station and service area in cultural historical monument of Tran Dynasty in Dong Trieu (completed cable hanger route no. 1 with length of 2.5km), with many projects of research, investment in construction material production field from fired clay, unburned material, mechanic, processing, centralized breeding, new urban zone ... The projects that are participated in investment, initially boost up socio-economic development of Dong Trieu, create a bright investment face for town. However, together with achieved results, there are still difficulties such as: slow implementation progress of the project, investment commitment of investor has not been implemented ... With available advantages in the locality, Dong Trieu has being actively inviting investors to research, take part in investment in fields of tourist, service commerce attached with tourism, high-tech agriculture in direction of a stable development, focusing on development of some key industries, details:

In industry: Focusing on inviting to invest to infrastructure of Dong Trieu industrial zone in Hong Thai Dong commune with scale of 200ha; development of high-tech clear industrial, electronic industry; investment of infrastructure in some major industrial zones: (1) Completion investment of infrastructure of Kim Sen industrial zone: existing industrial zone with expansion of 70ha area, development of local handicraft, small industry industries; (2) An Sinh industrial cluster: is a new industrial zone with area of 50ha, development of forestry, agricultural product processing industries; (3) Trang An industrial zone: is formed, widened in basis of 02 existing brick production plants in this area with area of 50ha, development of construction material production; construction of infrastructure of areas that are potential to develop industry in Yen Tho with area of 50ha, development of manufacture, electronic industry. In agriculture: It is continuous to widen a high – tech agriculture area in Hong Thai Tay commune and Hoang Que commune, multiply a development model of Binh Khe commune and An Sinh commune; development of centralized agriculture production such as: biological safety centralized breeding areas, fresh vegetable growing areas, ... In commerce, service industry: It is a goods trade place of province with Southern lowlands area, Dong Trieu is orienting to and focusing on invitation, construction of big-scale trade centrals in service area attached with Gate work of province, Northern trade central in bypass road of town, trade area in new urban zone. In tourist: Development of network of ecological tourist, experience tourist attached with special national monuments of Tran Dynasty in Dong Trieu, exploitation of beautiful natural landscape in the Southern reversions, country experience tourist in Vietnamese countries in Yen Duc, Yen Tho communes.

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