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Development orientation

15/07/2016 10:53:46 PM
Dong Trieu is a young urban in the West of Quang Ninh province with natural area of 396.6 km2, population of above 170000 people and 21 administrative units (6 wards, 15 communes). Dong Trieu is established under Resolution no. 891/NQ-UBTVQH13 of the Standing Committee of 13th National Assembly with 6 wards and 15 communes. Development orientation of Dong Trieu town defined in the master plan of socio-economic development by Resolution of Dong Trieu Committee of a Party up to 2020 meets sufficiently standards of urban type III and becomes a city directly under Quang Ninh province up to 2020.

With wide natural area, a lot of terrain forms: mountainous in the North, plain in the South, Dong Trieu has a lot of advantages on geology position (gate in the West of Quang Ninh, joint of the province with Northern provinces, Northern midland area), plentiful natural resources (coal, stone, construction material, clay…), beautiful natural landscape (24 irrigation ponds are water balance places of locality; rivers, streams surrounding town; boundless hills and mountains and immense fields). It is a place with special national monuments of Tran Dynasty and other main monuments of province.

Grasping available advantages, in past years, Dong Trieu has been having a strong vigorous change steps, step by step changed an economic structure in direction of stable development from “brown” to “green”. For each industry, Dong Trieu town orients to concentrate on development, exploitation of available advantages, step by step modernizes and products under depth direction, increases product value, as details: In industry: Gradual decrease of industrial development causing pollution; stable coal mine;encouragement of development of clear industry, manufacture industry, electronic; taking processing industry to construction material production, increase of a product value.

In agriculture: Focusing on high-tech agricultural development; multiplying centralized production models, breeding models in direction of biological safety, high-technology; boosting up connections of 4 industries in production to increase a product value.

In tourist: Development of ecological tourist attached with beautiful natural landscape, spirit tourist attached with special national monuments of Tran Dynasty in Dong Trieu, other main cultural historical monuments of province in the locality, country experience tourism.

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