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       Thứ bẩy, ngày 2/3/2024

The infrastructure


Dong Trieu is in the West gate of Quang Ninh province, has advantages on invitation of investors to Quang Ninh province. In past time, with attention of Central, Quang Ninh Province People’s Committee, Dong Trieu town has been paid attention to invest, complete technical infrastructure such as: Investment of upgrade, expansion of the National road 18; upgrade, expansion of provincial roads (provincial road 345 is being invested, provincial roads 332 and 333 are being researched to invest); construction investment research of some new routes to serve for social economic development target (route from central town, route from the National road 18, passing Thuy An commune, Nguyen Hue to Hai Duong province by Dong Mai bridge passing Vang river), continuous investment of completion of routes joining communes, wards of the town (Trang An – Binh Khe route, Xuan Son – Binh Khe route to thermal power plant). In addition to traffic road system, Dong Trieu also is paid attention to invest a medium voltage, low voltage power system (such as overload protection project, upgrade project of medium voltage line 22kV) to ensure a continuous power supply to socio-economic development; to widen water supply network, invest new water processing stations in the locality (Khe Che water processing station, water processing stations in Nguyen Hue, Thuy An, Hoang Qua, Hong Thai Tay communes).

Together with upgrade of technical infrastructure, social infrastructure of the town also is paid attention to invest, complete. In education: Dong Trieu has 86 education establishments at all levels, has universalized kinder garden education for 5 years old children, universalized primary school education level 2 and secondary school education level 3. In each commune, there is at least one primary school and one secondary school or one combined school. 80/86 schools meet national standard making up 93% number of schools meeting national standard.

Dong Trieu has a system of comprehensive health care to the Hospital District Hospital Grade III; Medical Center of Mao Khe Coal region is level II hospital and 21 health centers of communes, wards, Health Department, Medical Center, Center for Population - Family Planning. Medical facilities have also been provided with better equipment. Until now, 21/21 communes were up to national criteria for communal healthcare for period 2011-2020.Dong Trieu has also achieved positive results in general in terms of health outcomes


To supply a high quality human resources for organizations, companies that invest in the town, in past years, Dong Trieu has been investing actively to education to increase a human resource quality at place of town (industry university, vocational training school, investment of high quality training system of schools).