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Productive value

Economic growth speed of Dong Trieu town has been increased significantly in recently year, this helps Dong Trieu town to become one of the strongest development areas of Quang Ninh. 2015 is the year that an economy gets the highest growth in 4 recently year, meets and exceeds a proposed plan target. Total productive value (under fixed price of 1994) gets 4,582 billion dong, increases 16% in compared with 2014, is higher than a general growth speed of province (11%); economic structure continues to have an active move in right direction; industry density takes 63.5%; service density takes 27.3%; density of agriculture – forestry – fishery takes 9.2%. Gross product per capital in area gets 2,220 USD, increases 12.3% in compare with 2014. This growth is boosted up byfields that are being widened rapidly such as industry and construction (including mine) as well as service field. Industry and construction take 63,5% productive value of Dong Trieu town and take a big part in recent economic growth speed of town with industrial productive value of 2015 (under fixed price of 1994) of 2,912 billion dong, making up 101.4% target of Resolution of People’s Council of town, increasing 17.7% in compared with the same period. Motility of this growth speed is a development of sub-industries such as coal mine, thermoelectricity and construction material. Service industry makes up 27.3% total productive value of economy and is being developed strongly in recent year with annually growth speed of 16%. Growth speed of service industry mainly is originated from business activities of construction material and mine construction. Tourist industry is actively being invested to increase service quality, tourist type and customer amount of both domestic and foreign countries. Although agriculture only contributes 9.2%to total productive value, a quite low number in compared with other industries, agriculture still plays in important role in economy of Dong Trieu in field of creating jobs and keeping a rate of worker having jobs in a stable level. In past years, with attention of Quang Ninh province, participation of the whole political system of town, centralized, high - tech agricultural projects have been implemented and have brought a specific effect in economic-society.

State budget

Dong Trieu town collects kinds of tax, fee and charge for town as well as collects central taxes on behalf of Central. Dong Trieu town contributes above half of its budget to budget of province and Central budget as a below figure. Total budget of Dong Trieu town in 2015 was 980.55 billion dong, increased 20.8% in compared with the cost estimate assigned by the province at the beginning year, increased 1.76% in compared with the cost estimate assigned by town to strive, increased 41% in compared with the cost estimated assigned by town at the beginning of the year and increased 14.5% in compared with the same period. This permits Dong Trieu town to meet budget targets of most year proposed by Quang Ninh province.