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Natural conditions - Social

Natural resources
Dong Trieu – the land is rich in minerals such as coal, clay, and sand, which it can leverage to produce cement, ceramics, building materials, and power generation... Its terrain consists of mountains, hills and plains with fertile soils conducive to the development of many agricultural goods, (forestry, fruit trees, rice, livestock and aquaculture focus).
Dong Trieu has a diverse climate with both mountainous and coastal climate. The town has an average annual temperature of 22.2 degree Celsius, an average rainfall of 1.856mm per year, and an average relative humidity of 81%. Overall, Dong Trieu has a favorable climate for economic development, for an diverse ecology and favorable living conditions. The micro-climate regions made of complex geographical location are suitable for the development of diverse agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and tourism.
Area - Population
Strategic geographical location
Located at the gateway to the west of Quang Ninh province, Dong Trieu is situated at the intersection of three key economic zones in North Vietnam – Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh.Dong Trieu lies in the middle of National Highway 18, with provincial highways 332, 333 and 345 connecting the town to others within the province. According to Noi Bai – Ha Long highway project planning cut through Dong Trieu, creating favorable conditions for further development of economic activity. Dong Trieu Town borders Son Dong district and Luc Nam district of Bac Giang province in the North, borders Chi Linh town of Hai Dương province in the West, border Thuy Nguyen district of Hai Phong city in the South and borders Uong Bi City in the East.