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22/07/2016 02:30:41 PM
Dong Trieu has a diverse climate with both mountainous and coastal climate. The town has an average annual temperature of 22.2 degree Celsius, an average rainfall of 1.856mm per year, and an average relative humidity of 81%. Overall, Dong Trieu has a favorable climate for economic development, for an diverse ecology and favorable living conditions. The micro-climate regions made of complex geographical location are suitable for the development of diverse agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and tourism.

Air temperature:

The annual average temperature 23,80C, ranging from 16,60C to 29,40C. The temperature in winter was low, the average temperature in January in the place were below 160C, the absolute minimum value to 3-50C.
High summer temperatures, the mean July reached 290C, the highest absolute values ​​of up to 39 - 400C.
 Rainfall regime:
 - Rainfall: The average rainfall in Dong Trieu relatively low compared with other regions in the province, the average reached only 1444.0 mm (Quang Ha 2,625 mm).
- The distribution of seasonal rainfall: The rainy season lasts from May to October, accounting for 80-90% of the total annual rainfall, the wettest months are July, August and December 9 at rainy season from March 11 to April next year, low rainfall is only about 10-15% of the annual rainfall. The month with the lowest rainfall is in December and January.
 - The average number of sunshine hours 1500 - 1600 hours
- The average number of sunny hours on the 219 hours the highest month (July)
- The lowest average sunshine hours: 6 hours (April 3)
Air humidity:
Relative air humidity 82% annual average. Relative air humidity average in Dong Trieu seasonal differentiation, rainy higher air humidity less rainy season, the highest monthly humidity was 91% in March, the month with the lowest humidity November reached 68%.
 - Wind direction: How prevalent are: North - Northeast in the winter and the South - Southeast in summer.
- Speed: The annual average wind speed: 3 m / s, the largest wind speed: 45 m / s
North East each year affected about 5-6 hurricanes, storms hit the North East wind speeds from 20 - 40 m / s, often causing heavy rain, precipitation of 100-200 mm, in some places up to 500 mm.
 Frost usually occurs in the North East in the period from December last year to March next year, concentrated in the hills Security, Binh Khe, Trang Luong, while temperatures down to 30C in some places.
Generally the relative climatic factors suitable for the development of production of various agricultural products of high quality.

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