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       Thứ tư, ngày 17/4/2024


Vietnamese people use Vietnamese products Fair in Dong Trieu town
At 21/10 evening at Tan Viet Bac urban area (Mao Khe ward, Dong Trieu town), there is a Vietnamese people use Vietnamese products Fair in Dong Trieu town in 2017.
Dong Trieu – Potentials, investment opportunities
Dong Trieu is a new town, locating in the western gate of Quang Ninh province. The town’s natural land area is about 396.6 km2 and population of over 170 thousand people, with 11 ethnic groups living in 15 communes and 6 wards. Dong Trieu is a land of spiritual land and excellent people with a long tradition of patriotism and revolutionary struggle, where is the root of General Le Chan – the talented General in the period of The Trưng sisters and the original homeland of powerful Tran dynasties in the history of Vietnam.
Orientation and investment attraction field
To invite bidders in the whole country to participate in investment in Dong Trieu, in past time, with attention of province, active participation of Departments, industries and self-initiative of locality, projects of invitation for bid have been diffused widely in mass communication.
Development orientation
Dong Trieu is a young urban in the West of Quang Ninh province with natural area of 396.6 km2, population of above 170000 people and 21 administrative units (6 wards, 15 communes). Dong Trieu is established under Resolution no. 891/NQ-UBTVQH13 of the Standing Committee of 13th National Assembly with 6 wards and 15 communes. Development orientation of Dong Trieu town defined in the master plan of socio-economic development by Resolution of Dong Trieu Committee of a Party up to 2020 meets sufficiently standards of urban type III and becomes a city directly under Quang Ninh province up to 2020.